Tanker Reception System

Tanker Reception

Special machine designed for pre-treatment sludge from pits blacks.

The pre-treatment system consists of three machines: - Self cleaning Fine screen Filtrostar.
- Containment tank.
- Automatic adjustment and control system.

The containment tank, constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, completely encloses the screen and the control systems, eliminating any problem due to drafts, odors, spills, etc.. It provides a work environment in line with any hygiene requirements.
The tank is equipped with 100 mm quick ball valve so that the operator can empty the tanker by gravity or by pumping in a simple, fast and safe way.
The grid will automatically start at the entrance of the sewage. If the level in the tank reaches the preset limit, a pneumatic valve shall close the entrance to the tank. As soon as you re-establish normal conditions the valve opens again and the cycle begins again.
During the working cycle, a washing ramp with valve shall sprinkle water on the fine screen to constantly keep it clean.
When the sludge in the tank reaches the minimum level, the self cleaning device starts.
The tanker reception system can be completed with the combination of a conveying press and a grit separator.
The first one, mounted below the discharge hole, can dehydrate the solids extracted by reducing weight and volume. The second one, placed beside, is able to separate even the smallest particles in suspension in the screened sewage. This will complete the reception system resulting in liquid part, free of any grit or solid waste, and a dried solid part, compacted and eventually bagged.

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